Human food you can give your dog!


It’s meat, it’s healthy, what’s not to like? Chicken is an excellent protein source for your dog and can also become a good way to treat them! Just take into account that dogs don’t really have a preference for seasoned vs plain chicken meat. Just cook it, let it chill and then serve!


A great source of vitamins and minerals, you can use them for a quick treat for your dog. Remember though that you shouldn’t give your dog a handful of berries, especially if they never had them before or they might get a stomach ache! However, take into account that grapes are NOT safe for your dog. Berries are fine and nutritious, as long as they’re not grapes!


More often than not, you’d see dogs usually craving for whatever you got in your hands, and if you happen to have a banana, you can share small bites with your dog. The texture might confuse them a bit, but I guarantee they’re going to love it.


Not everything has to be low on calories and full of protein, you can give a couple of spoons of cooked rice to your dog. They absolutely love how rice tastes, and if you mix it with chicken, they’ll be more than happy to completely devour their plate!

5.Watermelon with no seeds

Dogs also get thirsty during summer so you can give them small chunks of watermelon, just keep in mind that you have to remove the seeds as they might hurt your dog. Other than that, watermelon is completely safe for your dog!

6.Green beans

You boiled more green beans than what you wanted? Fear not! You can share some with your dog, too. Green beans are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, and they are also really low in calories. You can give them to your dog in small amounts as treats.


Yes, dogs can eat cheese. No, they shouldn’t eat a lot of it. Cheese doesn’t harm dogs, but servings have to be very small! You can share a small slice of cheese, and if it’s organic, light cheese, you can absolutely increase the serving just a bit.


Not only a rabbit’s favorite treat! Dogs really like carrots, they don’t have to be cooked or anything, they like the taste enough that they will just gobble it up in no time. Make sure the pieces aren’t too big!

9.Cooked Eggs

Back to full protein sources! Dogs absolutely love eggs. The best way to serve eggs to a dog is boiled eggs. Just cook it, let it chill, crack the shell, maybe slice it a bit and you can serve it to your dog. Remember that just like with humans, you don’t want to have your dog eat eggs all day everyday, so feed them with moderation.

10.Peanut Butter

Yes, the myths are true! Dogs can eat peanut butter, nonetheless, servings should be moderate and it would be better if the peanut butter has no added sugar or sweeteners in it.

And that’s it! A good idea is that you can also improvise a cooked, natural meal for your dog with rice, carrots, green beans and shredded chicken. We still recommend regular dry or wet food especially made for dogs though!

Blog Post written by:
Maria Rondon
Head of Health Sciences at LCAO