Unlike humans, dogs cannot communicate their pain very easily. Dogs’ only way of communicating their discomfort or pain is to display changes in personality, character or performance.

  • A general reluctance to get out of their cage or the car
  • Unwillingness to cooperate
  • Unprovoked aggression,
  • Evading obstacles
  • Inability to coordinate,
  • Ignoring commands 
  • Difficulty in stretching out hind legs when jumping 

Problems can occur in dogs for many reasons, including: 

Understanding the organism as a system of shared tensions where the freedom of movement of each structure is essential for its proper functioning, having a deep understanding of biomechanical anatomy and possessing the manual ability to transmit our therapeutic understanding to our dog friends: this is Canine Osteopathy. 

An approach that goes beyond pharmacology and that provides a new tool and a great complement to the professional's work.