Special Offer on LCAO Programs

40% Off

All Programs at London College of Animal Osteopathy.
until June 1, 2023 

This limited-time offer applies to all diploma programs and includes the option to pay your tuition in three interest-free instalments billed five weeks apart.

Click on the image below to download a Program Prospectus.

Online Study Groups: new at LCAO!

In September 2022 we launched weekly Online Study Groups. This is where students meet with instructors and peers to ask questions, review key concepts, and connect with a global community of animal professionals from 28 countries. 

Natalie Gommon, Senior Program Coordinator at LCAO, answers the FAQ "How do I communicate with my instructors and fellow students?"

With any questions, feel free to respond to this email or schedule a quick call with our admissions department at calendly.com/lcao/animal osteopathy.


Blog Post written by:
By Siun Griffin
Animal Physiotherapist and Community Manager at London College of Animal Osteopathy (LCAO).